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Family Matters

Executive Burnout for Pilots

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Our 10th Alumni Renewal Weekend will be held on The 7th & 8th October.

Please contact Sally for further details.

[+351] 919357186


How can we help you?

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Do you want to break free from addiction?
Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, stress or burnout?
Are Obsessive Compulsive Disorders inhibiting your life?

Now in it’s 11th year Nova Vida Recovery Centre has a treatment programme entirely in the English language and all medical, clinical and administrative staff use English as their first language.

Some would say we are the best treatment centre in Europe staffed by the best therapists and although this is difficult to prove we tend to agree.

Nobody reaches this website by mistake . Either you or a loved one has a problem and you need help… read more

Why choose Nova Vida?

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The therapy programme is certainly the most important aspect of treatment.  If it doesn’t work the risks to the patients are high. Addiction is a killer illness and the programme is the treatment against the illness.  

If the programme isn’t right there are almost certainly going to be consequences. The clinical team at Nova Vida therefore  devote a lot of time looking at their therapy programme to ensure it offers the best chance for recovery and because human beings are all different it is essential to recognise that ‘one size is not going to fit all’…  read more

Our Approach

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The Clinical Team at Nova Vida pride itself on its philosophy of only treating those patients we know we have the skills and experience to deal with. Although onward referral to other facilities is not often we do sometimes recommend this but if we do we are with you all of the way in the planning of the referral.

We have built up excellent relationships with some of the best treatment facilities in the world and whilst we think we are up there with them in many aspects of treatment as a small facility we cannot be experts in all aspects of emotional health.  To say we were would be dishonest of us.

Any recommendation to seek treatment… read more

34th Street Policy

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Eating Disorders

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Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Adolescents/Young Adults (16 – 21 yrs)


Alcohol & drug abuse

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders